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John Hick's Street Rod
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Original Car

The Way It Looked When I Bought It


This is the way the car looked when I bought it. It looked more like a vintage car than a full blown Roadster. The top on this car was taken from a 1955 chevy pickup truck and wrapped with vinyl. Ribs were welded to the top to make it appear retractable. It decreased elbow room in the cockpit and I felt it didnt add to the car's appearance. So I removed it and immediately saw a roadster appear.

Notice all the chrome edging around the body seams. These trim pieces were made of plastic. The two long horns on the front were also made of plastic. I didnt like the idea of having plastic accessories on the car, especially fake chromed ones. I also removed the aluminum expanded metal radiator cover. It wasnt chrome and it looked like an afterthought. Another item that had to go was the spare tire bracket and tire on the rear of the car. It had a matching color metal cover, but it again, made it look more like a vintage car than a streetrod.

You will notice the shortened windshield from the recent photos in this webpage. I hope you agree to the changes I made and if you have any suggestions to make the car look better, I would really appreciated hearing them.